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Failure Club is one of those new Yahoo web shows/ Morgan Spurlock’s latest social experiment that explores what happens when people embrace the possibility of failure while helping each other go after their dreams.

The show asks the question “Is there something you always wanted to do but were too afraid to try?” 

It aims to reframe failure as a tool for self-enhancement, stripping away the idea that failure is wrong.  It focuses on 7 New Yorkers bravely chasing their dreams of learning to horse-jump, start new business ventures, become a stand-up comedian, etc; all while meeting weekly to support and encourage one another.  Their collective goal is to confront and embrace fear thereby emerging better and stronger people.

Questions explored by the participants experientially and in support-group format so far have included:  What if you “made friends” with failure, would you actually succeed more?  Would allowing yourself to flex your “vulnerability muscle” result in finding out what you are truly capable of?  Even if you don’t succeed fully, isn’t at least starting something you had been putting off partially a victory?  What if embracing failure could mean freedom to embrace anything in life?  Maybe perfection is just preventing us from practicing or trying to reach a meaningful “big” goal?  Maybe many of us let the fear of others judging us hold us back?

I find the idea of the show (and the progress the people have been making..!) fascinating.

One of my favorite things a Failure Club member said in the first episode was “I spent a decade giving a sh*t what people thought and all I got was… sh*t”.  I hear that.  I’m tired of caring so much what others think, letting that hold me back so I’m left with successfully not embarrassing myself– but also not having accomplished certain precious goals.  Anyone else out there relate?

Check out the show here.  I see clear connections to what has been discussed on this blog:  finding ways to get out of your comfort zone to enhance personal growth, facing anxiety head-on rather than avoiding it, trying to make the hard-but-right decisions in life, pursuing what you are passionate about in life even if it means being vulnerable and uncomfortable along the way, learning to sit with the ambiguity of not-knowing whether one will succeed but taking steps forward toward the goal anyway.

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